Winter forest papercut in a miniature bell jar

I love dioramas, and I’ve wanted to come up with a papercut that I could set in a bell jar for ages now.  I also love winter woods, so I really enjoyed making this.

It’s been cut from 200gsm white Fabriano eco artist paper and 300gsm black recycled card.  The bell jar sits on a white metal fluted base and measures 8cm in diameter, 11cm high.

I’ve made a couple for a local craft fair at the end of November and I’ve also listed one in my new Etsy shop here.


Sugar skulls masks

In-between some other projects, I made a couple of sugar skull masks recently, just for fun.  I did them really quickly, so the finish isn’t perfect, but they were good to play around with.

Wedding Papercut commission

A recently finished papercut commission for an autumn wedding.  The forest is made up of four separate layers, cut from Fabriano eco paper, and finished with cotton white broderie paper at the back.  The banner is fixed to the little birds with copper wire coiled flat.


Georgie Still

A gazillion years ago, I did a course in writing for short film, led by Lynne Harwood at First Take, and the script that came out of that development process, was Georgie.  It’s the story of a bullied little boy who finds his shadow suddenly possessed with a life of it’s own, morphing itself into a much-needed friend and ally.  But poor Georgie quickly discovers his new best friend doesn’t like to be ignored, and before he knows it, has to face a whole different kind of bully.

I was lucky enough to have my script selected for production by First Take, and also got the opportunity to direct it too.  It was designed and animated by Kate Sellers and produced by Lynne Harwood, with a score by Sam Yates, and sound design by Norbert Weiher.

Kate used 2D cutouts and stop motion to make Georgie, and it has a handcrafted, nostalgic quality that always reminds me of Oliver Postgate.

If you’d like to view the film, you just have to click here.

Peacock papercut

A new A4 papercut I’ve been working on recently.  Cut from Fabriano 200gsm white ecological artist paper.