About me

Hi and thanks for stopping by.

I’m a Manchester-based papercut artist with a love of folk and fairy tales, stop motion animation, and shadow puppetry.

I began writing short animated films in 2009, and my major influences have been the silhouette and cutout animators Lotte Reiniger and Yuri Norstein.  Through them, I developed a fascination with paper and light: how they work together, and the seemingly magical effects that can be created.  I love how a papercut becomes something more or something different, once it’s coupled with light, and shadow-making features in much of what I do.

I mainly use heavyweight artists’ papers for my papercuts such as Bockingford, Fabriano, or Daler Rowney, all of which have beautiful textures and are a joy to cut.  All of my papercuts are designed by me, and are made by hand using a knife with a scalpel blade.

You can see a selection of my work in my paper gallery, and find papercuts for sale in my Etsy shop.  I also have some pieces currently on exhibition and for sale in North West galleries and gallery shops: see here for details.


22 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like these things too, but I tend to have humour and a lighter side to my shows as well. Are you a fan of Tim Burton by any chance?

    I am very impressed with your Isobel film, you certainly don’t shy away from an unhappy ending. I prefer to have darker or more challenging stuff in the middle of a show and justify it with a happy ending. But I aim more at a family audience, which I guess you don’t?

    Do you get plenty of interest in adult shadow puppetry and animation?

    • Thanks Collette,

      I’m glad you liked Isobel – I think visually it was quite Tim Burton-y and that style of animation was a good fit for the story.

      To be honest, I don’t write stories with a particular adult or family audience in mind, I just write and then consider afterwards where it’s best screened or performed. I really like letting stories take their own shape, but I think if my main area of work was with families and young children, then I’d maybe limit the body count:-)


    • Hi there, and thank you so much for your lovely comment and introducing me as well to your blog! Your artwork is beautiful – I’m going to hop over to your site now and take a proper good ol’ look at everything:-)

  2. Hello again- I had time to look at Isobel, delightful fun to watch. Also have been looking deeper into your stories, posts and work samples. It is pleasing to see others as yourself, engaged in doing their art with zest. Very creative and well done across all your endeavors. I will return. Thanks.

    • Thanks ever so much, it’s really appreciated! Be sure to stop by and say hello again soon, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog posts:-)

      Best wishes,


  3. Hello Rachel! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words!! We have different styles of paper cutting but clearly love all things paper! I can’t wait to look through more of your work and discover your amazing talent! Cheers to more “likes”! 😀 – katie

    • Hi Katie – you’re v v welcome and thank you too for your lovely comments and likes. I think we do love paper, don’t we! It seems like there’s endless discoveries to be had with such a deceptively simple medium:)

  4. Delighted to make your acquaintance! So pleased you stopped by my blog; now I can see I’ll enjoy my visits here immensely, not to mention find tons of inspiration. Carry on!

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