New papercut: The Homecoming

Here’s my new papercut, The Homecoming, which I’ve made for the Once Upon Again exhibition as it moves to London.  It opens on 28th June at the Winns Gallery in Walthamstow.

I’d originally intended to make the wolf/woodcutter a shadow puppet, but knew he needed a forest setting with a cottage in the background to really make the character work.  So I figured I could create a mini shadow puppet theatre within a box frame and made a “set” using layers of papercuts.  It’s mostly cut from Bockingford, and the Wolf/Woodcutter is made from coal-grey Murano paper.


6 thoughts on “New papercut: The Homecoming

    • Thank you Ashley. Yeah, I’d definitely try some more pieces like this. I liked building the image up in layers and having a bit more scope to use different papers. It was good to make full use of a box frame as well – the depth’s around 3cm so there’s quite a bit of space to play about with.

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