How difficult can framing be…?

For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to find frames that would allow me to “float” a papercut image between two pieces of glass, ideally free-standing, and be completely clear so the image would create a shadow.  This hasn’t been nearly as straightforward as I expected and there can’t be a float frame/magnetic frame/double-sided frame I haven’t looked at.  They seem to be really easy to find in the US, but not here.

Anyway, I eventually set aside the idea of freestanding for the time being, and tried out a large frame just for wall hanging.  These are intended for A3 size images and I simply bought two, used the perspex “glass” from both, and sandwiched the papercut between them, holding it secure with a couple of little removable sticky dots on the back.  I’m looking into custom-made options, but I’ll be selling the papercuts unframed as well, so I figured it’d be good to show how ready-made frames would work too.
Here’s how my Birdkeeper and Hildegard papercuts look:-




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